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Les 1ère L à l’exposition Jeff Koons

Les élèves qui suivent l’enseignement de langue approfondie en anglais en 1ère L sont allés à l’exposition Jeff Koons lundi 8 décembre au centre Pompidou, dans le cadre d’une séquence de cours intitulée Is this art ?

Les élèves ont bénéficié des explications d’un conférencier, et ont rédigé de courts commentaires sur une oeuvre qui les a particulièrement marqués. Ils les partagent ci-dessous, in English of course ! (en cours de rédaction...)

Loopy, 1999.
Through this painting, Jeff Koons tries to throw us in the atmosphere of childhood. We can observe in this work the animal which is situated in the background, “Trix Rabbit” which is the figure of the cereal packs.
Furthermore, we have the feeling that he wants to eat the whipped cream which is on the spoon with a cherry on top. It can lead us to think that the artist was very greedy and maybe even now.
On the left are the sweeping and colourful arabesques, then we observe that the balls of cereal form a grinning.In our opinion, he made it to show that childhood is a beautiful and joyful period of life. Koons introduces us to this rapturous vision of joy, of food, of play.
To finish, the reason why we chose this painting is on the one hand because we did not want to take a work that the artist had already produced a lot of time but rather a canvas. On the other hand, this work can make us feel diverse feelings like : enjoyment, cheerfulness but also appeal to our childhood memories with cartoons, toys, food. When we observe this painting we immediately feel like eating.
by Annabelle and Laetitia.

L’exposition a lieu jusqu’au 27 avril 2015, peut-être irez-vous ?